Navigating Cold and Flu Season: Strategies for Health and Athletic Performance

As winter approaches, the risk of illnesses rises, fueled by increased indoor exposure and lowered immunity. Patrick Morris and Dr. Kevin Sprouse share practical strategies to optimize health during the challenging cold and flu season.

Find out why good hygiene practices and nutritional choices play pivotal roles in prevention, along with the importance of staying hydrated and well-rested to support immune function. Vitamins can certainly keep us healthy – but Morris and Dr. Sprouse point out that supplements should complement, not replace, a well-rounded lifestyle.

Dr. Aaron Baggish joins to the discussion to shift the focus to athletes and the fine line between pushing through illness and prioritizing rest. Tune in to learn when it’s best for athletes to resume training post-illness, distinguishing symptoms above and below the neck. valuable guidance on the delicate balance between rest and training, dispelling myths around “pushing through” illness. 

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone navigating the challenges of the cold season, this episode is a must-listen for evidence-based strategies to optimize your health and athletic performance.