“The Second Simplicity” with Colby Pearce

This week on The Podium, Dr. Sprouse is joined by Colby Pearce. Colby is a former professional & Olympic cyclist (2004), a bike fitter, and is self-proclaimed as “the world’s biggest bike dork” after spending most of his life in cycling.

In this episode, Dr. Sprouse and Colby discuss:
-how his time racing on the track and in the TT influenced his career in bike fitting
-why balancing our movement matters so much in cycling to keep healthy movement patterns
-the setup of the bike and the “setup” of the cyclist
-ins and outs of bike fits
-kind of biomechanics talk that applies to people outside of cycling
-how the journey through the extremes can help with landing in the middle
-the importance of practicing “ global health”
-Colby’s thoughts on some of the key contact points on the bike
-and much more!

In This Episode:

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