Intuitive Eating with Caroline Burkholder

This week on the Podium, Patrick sits down with Caroline Burkholder, MS, RD, LD for a conversation about intuitive eating.

Caroline is the owner of Rooted Nutrition & Counseling and is a  registered dietitian nutritionist who provides non-diet nutrition counseling to individuals who struggle with eating disorders, disordered eating, and fueling for sport. 

In this episode, Patrick and Caroline discuss:

-what intuitive eating is
-“diet mentality” 
-the 10 Pillars of intuitive eating 
-the common misconceptions in the way we look at and “label” food
-the importance of Understanding your eating habits 
-how to find an intuitive eating dietician 
-and much more!

A big thanks to Caroline for joining the podcast this week. You can check out her practice at

In This Episode:
Caroline Burkholder
Rooted Nutrition & Counseling
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Intuitive Eating

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