The Feed: Supplementation for Endurance Athletes

This week on the pod we are rebroadcasting a webinar from The Feed, where Dr. Sprouse discussed “Supplementation for Endurance Athletes.”

Topics discussed in this episode include:
-Importance of Nutrition for Performance
-Basic Recommendations
-The Feed Formulas
-Considerations for Performance
-Does Timing Matter?
-Considerations for Recovery
-When to not take supplements around training to avoid diminishing adaptations
-Vegetarian or Vegan?
-And tons more

You can watch the webinar at this link to see the slides Dr. Sprouse was talking about during his discussion. You can also read the show notes from the webinar here to see more detailed info about some of the supplements discussed. 

In This Episode:

The Feed Website | Instagram
Video of the Webinar
Webinar Show Notes
Dr. Sprouse on
Patrick Morris on

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