Season 7 Q & A

This week on The Podium, we wrap up Season 7 with another Q&A episode featuring Dr. Sprouse and Patrick.

Dr. Sprouse shot from the hip on the questions for this episode as Patrick asked him questions you had sent in throughout the season and a few he came up with.  Topics covered include:
-Sodium/Magnesium Status in Blood Panels
-How Quickly Cortisol Reacts from a Measurable Standpoint
-Sleep Deprivation and Insulin Resistance
-Soft Tissue
-Static Stretching, Foam Rolling, Mobility Work, Compression, and Percussive Therapy
-Dr. Sprouse’s favorite water from Girona
-and more!

Thanks for turning into the podcast this season, we will be off for a few weeks, but will be back with a new production schedule and some exciting updates about the podcast in a few weeks!

In This Episode:

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