Stories of Data, Creativity, and Innovation in Cycling with Robby Ketchell

Aside from the technical aspects of performance data, the creative, human element has made Robby Ketchell the “secret weapon” on teams like Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling, and Team Sky, who he supported through three Tour de France titles. From engineering technologies like the BAT box and Platypus, to playing a critical role in creating the formation for the INEOS 1:59 Performance Team, Robby has worked at the forefront of sports technology for a decade.

In this episode, Robby sat down with our host Dr. Kevin Sprouse to share stories from the road. They discuss the impact that testing can have on athletes, how creativity can be hindered by data, and why we still have to “test outside the box”. Plus, learn about Robby’s own marathon journey in honor of son Wyatt, who has Down Syndrome, and LuMind Research.

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