Eight Sleep’s Matteo Franceschetti on sleep technology and its impact on high performers

From Formula 1 drivers to NBA players, prioritizing and optimizing sleep quality is at the forefront of conversations about peak performance. Matteo Franceschetti, co-founder and CEO of Eight Sleep, joins Dr. Kevin Sprouse to explore cutting-edge sleep technology and its transformative impact on the lives of elite athletes and high achievers.

Matteo shares his journey from growing up in Italy and playing sports, to co-founding Eight Sleep and pioneering temperature-controlled bed technology. Now, this innovative sleep technology is helping the world’s top performers in sports and business get drastic improvements in their sleep.

Kevin and Matteo share lesser-known strategies they use to optimize their routines that you can implement yourself to boost your performance. Plus, they discuss the groundbreaking potential of long-term sleep and biometric data collection, offering insights that could revolutionize health monitoring and preventative care.

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