Breathing for Performance with Mike Watts

Date: November 13, 2023

When it comes to optimizing daily routines, breathwork is key. As part of his philosophy and methodology, Mike Watts understands the importance of functional breathing and its impact of recovery and performance. In this episode, Mike sits down with Patrick Morris and Dr. Kevin Sprouse to dissect breathing patterns through the lens of performance. Watts […]

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The 2023 Podium Podcast Holiday Gift Guide

Date: December 11, 2023

What do a moccamaster, sauna, air quality monitor, and the Morris Perfromance Newsletter all have in common? They are all on this year’s Podium Podcast Holiday Gift Guide! Dr. Sprouse and Patrick are back with some great gift ideas for your training partner, special someone, or even yourself! They have broken the gifts up into categories ranging […]

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Foundation Series: Recap Q&A

Date: October 30, 2023

From exercise and training, to sleep and nutrition, Patrick Morris and Dr. Kevin Sprouse have covered it all in the Foundation Series. In this episode, they answer burning questions from our listeners to fill in any gaps in your training. Patrick and Dr. Sprouse discuss fueling strategies tailored for endurance athletes, the intricacies of periodizing […]

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Foundation Series: Nutrition

Date: October 16, 2023

What role does nutrition play in creating a solid performance foundation? The answer might be more complex than you think. Hosts Dr. Kevin Sprouse and Patrick Morris tackle the essential metrics used in nutritional scoring, from calorie balance and protein intake to fiber consumption and Omega-3 levels assessed through the Omega-3 index test. They also […]

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The Foundations: Sleep Science for Athletes

Date: October 2, 2023

Can quality sleep and sleep hygiene be your competitive edge? Whether you are actively training or regularly exercising, sleep is a game changer. In this episode of the Foundations Series, Patrick Morris and Dr. Kevin Sprouse share essential insights tailored specifically for athletes on a mission to optimize their training.  Join them as they dive […]

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The Foundations: Training and Exercise

Date: September 18, 2023

How do exercise and training impact overall health and performance? Join Kevin and Patrick as they delve into the crucial distinction between exercise and training, and explore the significance of key metrics. From tracking your exercise hours per week to maximizing your VO2 max, strength training, endurance training, recovery, and minimizing sedentary time – all […]

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The Foundations: Kicking Off a New Series

Date: September 4, 2023

As the seasons change and a busy year winds down, it’s more important than ever to revisit the basics. Over the next several episodes, Dr. Kevin Sprouse and Patrick Morris will explore three crucial foundations: Sleep and Recovery, Nutrition and Fueling, and Training and Activity.  This series is a long-term resource that will provide comprehensive […]

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On Tour(s) with Alex Howes

Date: August 7, 2023

World Tour, Grand Tours, and the Tour Divide – cyclist Alex Howes has done it all. He joins host Dr. Kevin Sprouse to break down his professional cycling career around the world, and his most recent adventure at the Tour Divide.  Most recently, he completed the Tour Divide bikepacking race, spanning from Canada to Mexico […]

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Le Podium Arrives in Paris

Date: July 24, 2023

The final stage of the 2023 Tour de France came to a climactic end and Kevin and Patrick are back with the latest updates. Join them as they delve into the physical toll and strain on riders, recovery metrics, sleep patterns, and the overall impact of the grueling race on athletes’ health. Plus, they dedicate […]

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