6. Wearables – Current State of Technology

We use numerous wearables and connected devices when working with our patients at Podium.  The science and technology in this space is rapidly evolving.  To dig into this evolution, I am joined by Chuck Hazzard.  Chuck is an entrepreneur and technology expert. He is currently working with Heads Up Health, the leading digital health analytics platform that is being used for remote patient monitoring, precision medicine, and individuals seeking to achieve peak performance.

In the past, Chuck has designed and built computer networks, developed software applications for large corporations, helped build a successful telecommunications business from the ground up, helped a large telecommunications company develop and bring to market products and services yielding an additional $500M in annual revenue, and most recently worked with Oura Ring through their early growth years.  Chuck has extensive experience with numerous wearables, going all the way back to his testing of the first Garmin watch!