The Impact of Nutrition and Gut Health on Performance with Nigel Mitchell

Acclaimed WorldTour cycling nutritionist behind historic Olympic gold medals and multiple Grand Tour wins, and the author of the best-selling The Plant-Based Cyclist, Nigel Mitchell is paving the way for plant-based nutrition in world class sports.  He leverages his clinical background to create nutrition strategies that give athletes an edge in performance.

In this episode, Nigel sits down with Dr. Kevin Sprouse for a deep dive into why gut health is a foundational component of sports nutrition. They talk through Nigel’s discoveries about how macronutrients impact proper fueling, and the similarities in sailing to cycling with the needs of understanding nutrition.

Nigel shares some protein advice for vegetarian and vegan athletes from GCN’s The Cyclist’s Cookbook: Food To Power Your Cycling Life. Plus, news about his new cookbook coming out soon.

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