The Ideal Day Template for High Performance

Is there an “ideal day” to set you up for peak performance? Hosts Dr. Kevin Sprouse and Patrick Morris outline a daily template focused on recovery, nutrition, workouts and lifestyle habits particularly tailored for professional athletes seeking those incremental gains.

Learn why prioritizing our well-being can help us navigate through our day-to-day activities with greater vitality and satisfaction. Instead of feeling drained at work, there’s a sense of energy and contentment. Living an active lifestyle is about finding joy in the process rather than fixating solely on achieving specific gains, allowing you to learn and grow – even when your routine gets thrown off.

Patrick and Kevin share strategies to divide between endurance and strength/skill workouts in the morning, followed by targeted afternoon sessions for strength training and skill refinement, along with the importance of a variety of recovery modalities. Ultimately, creating an “ideal day” template provides a holistic approach to health and performance that leads to sustainable success, both on and off the field. Tune in to build a foundation for your own daily template!