Season 7 Trailer – The Podium

Season 7 is dropping on Monday, July 11th!

Join Dr. Sprouse and Patrick this season for 6 great episodes! In this season we will…

-be joined by Nate Wilson (Performance Manager for EF Education-EasyPost Pro Cycling Team) to talk Tour de France preparation
-be joined by Inigo San Milan for a conversation on lactate
-discuss jet lag and long-haul travel
-share a conversation from the Leadville, The 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race Podcast featuring Dr. Sprouse
-share a conversation from The Feed on supplements featuring Dr. Sprouse
-and have another Q&A episode

Thanks again to our sponsor this season, Klean Athlete, for their support of the show.

We look forward to bringing you all the new season on July 11th!

Season Seven Sponsor: Klean Athlete
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