Le Podium: Tour de France Series Trailer

It’s Tour de France season, and for the first time in a decade, our host Dr. Kevin Sprouse is not on location – instead, he’s dropping exclusive insights throughout the month of July right here on the Podium Podcast.

Kicking off on July 1 with a conversation about all the work that goes into preparing for a 3-week race, we’ll follow up with a new episode on each rest day, as well as a final pod when the riders reach Paris. Tune in to hear conversations with riders, team support staff, and other experts in sports science and cycling. We’ll be covering everything from recovery strategies to preparation techniques, physiology, and the science behind preparing for a grand tour.

Do you have any burning questions? Shoot us an email or a DM @thepodiumpodcast! And of course, follow us on social media for exclusive updates throughout the tour.

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