“Fun Is The Fuel For High Performance” with Dr. Brian Zuleger

This week on The Podium,  Dr. Brian Zuleger joined Patrick for a conversation about mental performance and training. Dr. Zuleger is a Certified Mental Performance Coach at Arete Performance and an Applied Sport Psychology Professor at Adams State University. As you will hear in the episode, Dr. Zuleger is also one of Patrick’s professors for his Master’s program.  

In this episode,  Patrick and Dr. Zuleger discuss the following:

-how to be a better coach by learning more about sports psych
-when and how Dr. Zuleger realized the “mental piece” was so important
-the importance and value of being in the business of “behavior change” as a coach
-some of the differences between sports psychology and traditional psychology
-goal attainment vs. goal setting – the difference between the two and why goal attainment is such a critical piece for an athlete
-why resilience is so important
-and much more!

In This Episode:

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