Debunking Bonking – It’s More than Fueling (with Robbie Ventura)

I sat down with Robbie Ventura to discuss what happens when you “bonk”, the complicated variables that impact it, and how you can prevent it.  This episode was recorded for The Velocity Cycling Podcast, part of the educational component of Robbie’s newest venture, VQ Velocity.

Robbie Ventura is the founder and owner of Vision Quest Coaching.  Robbie was a professional cyclist for 12 years. A competitive racer on the dirt, road and track since the age of 7, Ventura amassed over 70 victories during his professional career, was a member of the U.S. World Team and rode the Track World Championships in Hamar, Norway, placing 5th in the elimination.  In 2000, Robbie started Vision Quest Coaching, a uniquely positioned program for endurance athletes focusing on high quality coaching delivered with the maximum benefits of the latest technology and training methodologies. The success of his athletes has helped VQ grow to five locations and, since opening, has helped thousands of athletes reach their potential in competitive athletic events.

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