Sports performance, nutrition and wellness.


Dr. Kevin Sprouse has been working with professional and recreational athletes at all levels for over a decade.  He is an internationally recognized expert in sports performance, with a focus on nutrition, training principles, injury prevention, and injury treatment.


Sports Science and Sports Medicine aims to optimize movement and function in a way that can benefit anyone. Dr. Kevin Sprouse works with motivated individuals who simply want to improve their day-to-day performance, their sense of well-being, and maximize both their vitality and lifespan (not strictly athletic ambitions).


We use our expertise to tailor-make programs based on the specific ambitions of our patients. These programs are led cooperatively by Dr. Sprouse and the staff at Podium, implementing cutting-edge technology to regularly measure progress, assess results, and redirect when needed. Though not all programs are the same, patients can expect to use some of these tools to ensure they are moving toward their ultimate goals:
  • Blood Tests: comprehensive panels of blood work, tested at least twice per year using one of hundreds of lab locations nationwide.
  • Metabolic Testing: using lactate and VO2 testing to evaluate not only fitness, but also metabolic health.
  • Specialist consults arranged when warranted. Dr. Sprouse will maintain close communication with patient’s specialists, even attending appointments with patients when feasible. Patients benefit from Dr. Sprouse’s association with experts across the US and around the world.
  • Body composition testing with BodPod or DEXA technology (depending on patient’s location).
  • Use of a customized online dashboard and app which allows for tracking of key health and performance metrics.
  •  Oura Ring to measure sleep, stress, and daily recovery.
  • Wirelessly connected scales and blood pressure cuffs.
  • Nutrition tracking tools which are connected to our practice and your personalized health dashboard.
  • Ongoing personal contact with Dr. Sprouse and the Podium team via a secure text messaging platform and dedicated phone numbers.