5. Dr. Cheri Mah – Sleep and Performance

Cheri Mah, MD, MS, is a world-renowned expert when it comes to the relationship between sleep and performance in elite athletes.  In addition to performing some of the most important research on this topic, Dr. Mah serves as the sleep expert for the Nike Performance Council.  She has worked with the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco Giants, San Jose Sharks, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Toronto Blue Jays, and other teams, as well as being a consultant for numerous international sports organizations and leagues.  Her work has been featured by the NY Times, ESPN, NPR, and many other media outlets.

I’m thrilled to have Cheri join us for this episode to discuss sleep and performance!  There is no better resource on this topic, and I think you will learn a considerable amount from her in this episode.  I know I did!